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Established in October 2007, Jiangxi Shengdian S&T Co.,Ltd.is a private technological enterprise specialized in the production, research, development and sales of iodine and iodides, as well as pharmaceutical intermediates.

Located in the Wanzai County of Yichun City in Jiangxi province, our company is a specialized production enterprise of iodine and various iodides, with an annual capacity of 800 tons and a land of 100,050sqm. Our main products are iodine, potassium iodide, Sodium iodide, cuprous iodide, Potassium iodate, Sodium iodate, Sodium periodate, Potassium periodate, Periodic acid, Hydroiodic acid and so on. Pharmaceutical intermediates: Methyl iodobenzoate, guanine, Adamantanecarboxylic acid, etc. At the same time, we also purchase iodine materials and crude iodine.

Stressing on technological innovation and scientific management, we have successfully brought together a group of industry-leading senior management and technical R&D personnel working for our company now. Equipped with advanced production apparatus, professional production equipment and related analytical instruments, we have the good abilities to perform daily production and tests strictly in accordance with the quality standards of pharmacopoeia, and then we can satisfy the demands and requirements of customers in high quality and efficiency.

Adhering to the management idea of "quality first, customer supreme, honest business", we expand market with excellent credit and flexible operation way; we look forward to cooperating with customers all around the world for mutual development!

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